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The Source is amongst the Best Workplaces for Women!

We were (and still are!) very proud to be amongst the best French workplaces in 2023, but as good things come in pairs, we are also proud to be amongst the Best Workplaces for Women! 

This year, 35 companies have been awarded for their commitment in favor of professional equality, and The Source is one of them! 

Our team strongly feels that we are a benevolent workplace for women, and it is a great source of pride for us. 

This was made possible by various actions we decided to establish, such as :

  • A fair recruitment policy and inclusive job postings
  • A fair performance evaluation and promotions through objective criteria
  • Flexibility and work-life balance, with telecommuting or flexible hours, to allow all employees to balance their work, family responsibilities and personal lives.
  • Inclusive leadership, to promote gender diversity at all levels of the company, including by promoting women to leadership and management positions.
  • Inclusive communication with gender-neutral or inclusive language in the company's communication
  • Gender-balanced teams, which promotes diversity of viewpoints and complementary skills
  • Inclusion of parents in the company's life, such as an internal Easter egg hunt to allow parents to come with their children, meet up, and connect with each other and the rest of the team.
  • Accommodations for pregnant women, by adapting their working conditions, for example by avoiding travel, meetings, and external professional events, and by promoting telecommuting when the expectant mother requests it

And as it is a really important topic for us, we still continue to implement new actions each year. See you in 2024 for our next steps! 


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