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The Source is the “Best Brand Content Agency” of the year!

As we are welcoming 2024 and its future challenges with open arms, 2023 is also coming to an end with tremendous news.

During the 44th ceremony of the Agencies of the Year (“Les agences de l’année”), The Source was awarded « Best brand content agency of 2023 »! 

This award honors our latest campaigns indeed, but also the entirety of our work with our clients. 

For instance, 4 of the 10 best TikTok accounts in 2023 were brands we worked for, with Netflix France in the first position: an account created and run by The Source for almost 2 years now and already followed by 4+ million people. 

Major official creative partner of all social platforms (Meta, TikTok, Pinterest, Google, Snap), being rewarded for our brand content skills is such an achievement for the team. 

This award is a great proof of our ability to help the brands resonate in their ecosystem without only talking about themselves and their products, but also by creating content adapted to fit their customers needs. 

Because one day the brands might need a great idea, and the next a thousand little ones, The Source really developed its expertise on TikTok and Reels and produced 30.000 videos for more than 100 clients during the year. 


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