With Soul

The Source is a Great Place to Work 2023!

The Source is now part of the top 20 « best workplaces » 2023 (in the « Under 50 employees » category) for its first entry, with a 97/100 score! 

We are very proud of this certification, as it is a great recognition of the energy we put in the well-being and personal growth of our team. At The Source, we want to embody our baseline « Creative performance with soul », and it is really important for us to do everything and anything with soul. Following these values, we invested in brand new offices in the heart of Paris, so that our team will feel good when coming to work. 

To enable them to live wherever they want in France and increase their quality of life, we also have a flexible working policy, and our team members only have to come in the office 2 days a week to maintain the bond between the team. The rest of the time, they can work from home, wherever they chose to live. 

However, when they do come to the office, and if they do not live in Paris, our team members can sleep in fully-equipped studios inside the offices, providing them with a bed, bathroom, kitchen, and a separate entrance, for maximum freedom and autonomy. 

As a matter of fact, this is specifically something that our team members highly value, but not only! In the « best place to work » survey, they also chose to highlight the good mood in the office, the trust they are being given, the small gestures along the year (such as the little get-togethers, the celebration of birthdays, etc), but also the benevolence in management, and the flexibility.  

This is also a special word of thanks to each member of our team for making The Source a place where it is good to be working. 


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