Brand collaborations made easy
for supertalented creators.

Are you a highly talented digital content creator?
Earn money while doing what you love by collaborating with your favorite brands.
We'll take care of all the busy work so you can focuson your art.

Our mission: Initiating collaborations between supertalented
creators and top brands, to create great digital content.

image created by Giulia Bernardelli @bernulia

Our focus:craft & creativity

At The Source, we don’t work with creators for their audience or influence, but for their creative talent. We pair you with worldwide leading brands and agencies that share your unique vision.

Brands cometo you

And not the opposite. We provide our world-leading brands & agencies a fun discovery experience. Our creators’ work is beautifully displayed to help them find the perfect fit for their next brief. For you, it means a great way to get new opportunities.

Your projects.Your choices.

Every brief is unique: produce one or several pieces of content, photo, gif or video… We source brands that appreciate your work and your style. You choose whether to accept or decline a project and how much you will charge for it.

Only benefits.No hassle.

Beyond bringing in new opportunities we take care of all the boring bits for free! From contracts and invoicing to your rights and credits…
we’ll deal with it for you at no extra cost (we charge our clients a commission, not our creators) so you can focus on what you do best – creating!

image created by Giulia Bernardelli @bernulia

New York

575 5th Ave. New York
NY 10017, United States


29 rue des petites écuries
75010 Paris


Aviation House
125 Kingsway
London WC2B 6NH, United Kingdom


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