Only for supertalented Creators

Are you a highly talented digital creator? Earn money while doing what you love by collaborating with the brands you love. We'll take care of all the busy work so you can focus on your art.

Our mission : Initiating collaborations between supertalented creators and brands, to create great digital content.

Top of the line, only.

At The Source, we don’t work with creators for their audience or influence, but for their creative talent. We pair you with worldwide leading brands that share in your unique vision.

100% Free. No exclusivity.

We charge our agency clients and advertisers a commission, not our creators. There is no membership, and no fees.

Brands come to you.

We display your work on a nice profile and we offer many ways for top brands and agencies to find you through a unique search experience, based on your inspiring contents.

Many benefits. No hassle.

We take care of everything from contracts and invoicing to your rights and credits. You focus on your art.

Your work is worth money.

That is completely up to you to decide how much you charge for your work. We will provide recommendations when creating your profile.

Your projects. Your choices.

Every brief is unique : one or several contents production, photo or video… We source brands that appreciate your digital output and that’s up to you to accept or refuse a project.